7 Things to kill your Quarantine time into Productive way

The pandemic disease coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives upside-down all over the world. Around two-third population of the country have to self-quarantine or isolation from spreading this pandemic disease. Individuals have to stay at home and maintain social distancing to minimize the effect of the spreading of this virus. 

All children facing a difficult time during this lockdown sitting at home instead of playing with their friends. Students started taking online classes through digital platforms and enjoying Netflix at night. Where employees have to maintain their office work by doing work from home and gathering meetings on the Zoom app. The virus changed our lives from social interaction into caged victims. It is advised to all continue with the self-quarantine and add some activities in your daily schedule. 

So, what to do sitting at home in quarantine time and just thinking about your life that was? Here is a list of different activities to keep your family and kids engage in their daily schedules. These activities will enhance your life and personality too. From organizing work to your self-care routine, these ideas will keep your schedule busy and more productive during the quarantine.

  1. Start cooking for yourself
    Are you a food lover and like to eat burgers, cookies, or pancakes? Mostly every individual fond of food. Presently you’re not permitted to go out and eat all your favorite cookies. It’s time to step into your kitchen and start cooking for yourself. You can have all recipe ingredients at your doorstep by home delivery services. Everyone is not a professional like a chef in cooking. Make delicious YouTube recipes from all vegan cheeses to baking essentials. Later on, this cooking activity will add up in your hobby also. 
  2. Morning Workouts
    Do you feel restless during this quarantine? Presently, sitting at home without doing any daily activities like walking or going downstairs makes our body lazy. It is a crucial time to build our body more healthy and strong by doing some workouts. Workouts also being goods for individuals those want to lose or shape their body. A healthy mind stays in a healthy body. Every day morning doing workouts not only makes a body fit but also boosts your energy level. Utilize this quarantine time more productively to be fit and healthy. Regularly do some workouts according to your choice in the morning. Always remember to start your workout with some basic body stretches.
  3. Pamper your skin
    This current time your sin is protected with all pollution and harmful rays. It is the correct time to take care of your skin. Our skin is the most sensitive part of us and needs nourishment too. It is essential to take care of the body, hair, and nails in our daily regime. This time take care of skin will heal from all pimples, acne, scars problems while shining in the hair. You can explore may home-remedies from YouTube according to your skin type. The remedies not only remove dead skin but add glow and soften the skin also.
  4. Watch Netflix
    Netflix is the most streaming app right now. Watch your favorite Netflix series to kill this quarantine time. There will be no better time to enjoy watching the new series from trending Money Heist, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Sex Education, and more . Some series will make you inspire while others make you learn from the mistakes you made. You can watch any series and movies all available on Netflix with subtitles. You can kill time 2 to 3 hours easily and it will not just keep you entertained but improve your vocabulary too.
  5. Organize your room
    Another good way to keep oneself busy during this quarantine time is to organize your room well. Start organizing your room by cleaning. We mostly have some unnecessary stuff that not in use, clean it. Separate the things and place then at their correct places. The most important thing to organize your wardrobe. Assemble all your clothes, jackets, and makeup stuff properly. It is a good habit to keep your surroundings well organized. A good place surrounding will makes a more positive environment and let breathe with fresh air.
  6. Be creative
    Scrolling over the last pages of the book or scrapbook uses them as creative stuff. Almost every person has some unwanted material stuff at home such as battles, ice-cream stickers, color papers. Take all the things together and collaborate to turn it into a beautiful project or scenery. This time use your creative side to explore and make watching Diy projects with materials, decorate your home with beautiful photo-frames. Pinterest another platform to explore more creative projects. See online making creative things videos of creative arts on YouTube. Making creative things will be fun ad bring more creative ideas in your mind. It will increase your creative thinking eventually.
  7. Learn a new skill or Course
    Skills tell about a person’s knowledge and creativity. In a daily schedule, individuals do not have enough time to pursue a course or a skill. Utilize this time beneficially to sharpen your skills. You can join any online course in your interested field. It will improve your knowledge in a particular field and enhance your resume too. Taking the initiative to learn a new skill productively develop your life. Today, pick any choice of your course or skill and get knowledge over it. Make a daily habit of learning one new thing and implement it in your life.  

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